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Stop Renting and Start Owning!

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Gain equity and an asset with your deeded, Garage Condo! If you choose to sell it in the future, YOU keep any appreciated value!
Quit throwing away money every month renting storage space that doesn't work. With a Garage Condo, you get exactly what you need because you can customize it to your personal needs! As an owner, you also gain exclusive access to our property amenities. Joining The CubbyHole Community allows you to meet other owners, conduct business or pursue your hobbies in a way you never thought possible.

Why Own Your Storage:

  • Investment - Real property you own! (Warranty Deed)

  • Future return on investment through appreciation over time

  • No rental increases or renewal hassles

  • No throwing money away every month through rental payments

  • The property may offer tax benefits such as depreciation and the ability to deduct mortgage interest (consult with a tax professional)

  • Expenses for improvements can be recaptured at the time of the sale of a property

  • The property will be an asset on your personal financial statement

  • Private Club House (owners only)

  • Can sub-lease to others, creating a passive income stream

  • Ideal for long-term storage

  • Low interest Mortgage Loans are available for storage units.  Please visit with our preferred lender, Wyoming Bank and Trust!

  • Flexible Uses - Use your condo as a private office space, RV/classic car storage, personalized shop to work on your custom car or motorcycle, create a woodworking shop or artist space, document storage, personalized man or lady cave...the skies the limit!

  • Customizable Space! You can change how you use your space year after year and can paint or even install custom details such as a mezzanine/loft level, finished floors, or paint the inside as you please!  Combine several units for even more space!

          Tired of wasting your money on storage unit rent, year after year?             Self-storage ownership is a tangible investment, that stands the test of time!                        

A Market-Resilient Investment!

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