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Better Than a Storage Unit, A Space to Call Your Own!

Looking for a place to practice a little one-on-one?  Need more space than your garage to work on those woodworking projects?  Need a place for your ‘garage band’ to practice?  The CubbyHole offers the perfect place to create your own, unique space!  Condo owners can customize their units to fit their needs as long as it does not affect the safety and integrity of our complex community.  You’re only limited by your imagination!





Our storage facility provides the following amenities to owners:

  • LED overhead lighting

  • 220-volt plug-in, 60-amp power, and multiple 110v plug-ins

  • Customize your unit's interior! A second-floor mezzanine option helps you get the most space and use out of your multi-use unit.  Create a man cave on the top and use the bottom for your dream workshop or storage

  • Well-sealed, insulated storage units with 12 x 14 insulated overhead doors that includes a key pad and opener

  • Pedestrian door for easy access in the large units

  • Security fencing and outside security cameras (optional inside security cameras)

  • Convenience: We have the perfect location on the corner of Dell Range and Haunted Road that offers 24/7 access and is within 15 – 20 minutes of anywhere in the city.

  • Access to the owner’s clubhouse that includes a warming kitchen, wet bar, big screen TV, fireplace, ADA bathrooms and a patio for grilling.  Hang out with friends and play a card game, watch a football game, or host a family barbecue!



Weight bench and game area.jpg

Customize Your Space!

Customize the interior of your garage condo however you desire! Add custom flooring, cabinets, or custom paint jobs.  You can also add an optional and versatile mezzanine unit that comes with or without a customized lift to help you store your things!

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