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Motorcycle & small vehicle storage

  Room for ALL Your Toys and,       

         Your Friends Too!


Looking for a place to work on your motorcycle or store your family’s ATVs, Gator, golf cart, or racing vehicle? By purchasing a garage condo, you can make room in your home garage for what really belongs in there – your car!Now all the extra motorized vehicles you’ve been storing in your home garage can be stored in their new home in your personalized garage condo. And, we offer protection from the sun, wind, and most importantly, the HAIL! Your possessions can enjoy an extended life when kept inside an insulated, well-sealed storage condo that protects them from the damaging elements outside.








The CubbyHole condo units offer the following amenities for your dream garage, man cave, or lady lair:

  • 16’ – 18’ ceiling heights (front to back)

  • Insulated and finished steel walls and ceilings with 4"concrete floor

  • 220v outlet, several 110v outlets, and a 60-amp panel

  • LED lighting and WiFi access

  • Add a second-floor mezzanine that helps you get the most space and use out of your custom garage storage condo: Add your own stereo system or gaming station, a fridge with your favorite beverage, and a card table and you’re set to go! Or use your mezzanine area for extra storage.

  • Security fencing, gate, and cameras

  • Convenience: We have the perfect location on the corner of Dell Range and Haunted Road that offers 24/7 access and is within 15-20 minutes of anywhere in the city!

  • Access to The CubbyHole Clubhouse 24/7 where you can hang out with your family or friends, unwind, or watch a baseball game.  Our clubhouse also offers a convenient location to hold meetings, play cards or watch a race.  The clubhouse is free to use for owners, and has a warming kitchen, cable TV, pinball machine, games, wet bar area, and 3 patio areas for your summer barbeques.


  • Plenty of space and everything you’ll need, in one convenient place, to work on your motorcycle, ATVs, Gator, race car, jet skis, or Go-Carts


  • Units you can make your own!  From adding shop equipment, cabinets, customized flooring, TV/gaming station/fridge, or even hanging your favorite elk head you could never hang at home.


  • Purchase one of our large units and turn it into your dream workshop space, along with a fun space! Add a basketball court, dart board, foosball table, pool table, lounge area, woodworking area, or business space.  The possibilities are endless!                               

Work Space + Fun Space = a Happy Camper!

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