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People ask us, "Where did you get the idea to do these storage units?"  Well, in June of 2016 we purchased a 1961 Shasta Airflyte retro camper and couldn't find any where to store it.  Every time we saw a dark cloud we panicked (it has aluminum siding!). After looking for storage for two years, but to no avail, we decided to just build a storage facility.  We didn't like the idea of paying rent (money down a rat hole) so after doing much research, we ran onto the idea of the 'storage condos'.....and, low and behold, the concept of, The CubbyHole, was born! 

We have put our heart and soul into this project and we hope that others will share our vision of a garage space 'you can call your own'.  Part of our vision was to include a fun clubhouse where you can host family events or take a break while you're working on your car, business, or other projects. 

Here's to a fun, new way of looking at storage for your prized possessions or just a place to store the things that are piling up in your house and garage!  We hope you join us!


Craig & Gay Wilson

Below are commonly asked questions you may have.  If you have a question that is not covered on these pages, please call 307-634-4923/307-314-9610 or email us at: and we will be happy to answer it.

What is a garage-condominium?
A storage garage that you own located on common property. You own a percentage share of the building exterior and common areas including land and buildings. Walk in the unit, shut the door and that’s what you individually own.
Why should I own a garage-condominium?
The CubbyHole is a good investment. History has shown that similar garage-condo units have appreciated in value much like your home appreciates. Since you are buying real property each dollar spent improving your unit increases your value and ability for resale.

What size units are available?

14' x 25' * (with 12' x 14' insulated overhead doors)

20' x 45' * (with 12' x 14' insulated overhead doors & man door)

14' x 50' * drive through units (with 2 - 12 x 14 insulated overhead doors)
*Actual inside dimensions will be less due to wall partitions

What do your units cost?
Please call or email us for the current list of available units and prices.

Can I add options or amenities to my unit?
Unit owners can do almost anything they want to customize their unit, as long as it does not affect the safety and integrity of their unit or their neighbor’s unit

What closing costs are involved?
Closing on a garage condo is similar to purchasing a house.  Titling fees, closing fees and recording fees are a part of the process.  Annual taxes, just like on a house, will apply.  If you take out a loan, fees and payments are between you and your lender (Wyoming Bank and Trust is our preferred lender and has put together a specific purchase package for our buyers).  If you need more information on how this part of the process works, please contact us. 

Are there any COA (Condo Owners Association) fees?
Yes, there are semi-annual fees for shared costs.  Examples include maintaining the common driveways, club house expenditures and upkeep, snow removal, insurance for common areas and the clubhouse, property taxes for common areas, etc. (estimated COA dues will run $600/year)

Are there Covenants and By-Laws?
Yes! Please email us if you would like to review a copy of the CubbyHole Covenants and By-Laws.  Each condo owner will get one vote in any decision the members chose to make. Please carefully read the Condominium Association Rules and By-Laws before purchasing (available upon request).

What are my Annual Real Estate Taxes?  When are they due?
Taxes are due at the end of the year and the amount will be based upon the size and value of your unit.  Like your home these taxes will vary depending on the size, amenities and upgrades you add to your unit. 

What other expenses are involved?
Any lights, heating, fans, or electricity used in your unit will be billed to you.  All units are individually metered for electrical.  Spectrum is the provider for WiFi. Contracts are between you (the unit owner) and Spectrum.

Are these units climate controlled?
Our units are not climate controlled but have spray foam insulation on all outside walls and ceilings and 4"-R13 construction-grade batting between inside wall partitions.  A 220volt plug-in is available in your unit if you want to add a heating unit.

Are the units located in the city or the county?
Our facility is located in Laramie County. Therefore, we do not currently have access to city water or city sewer.  We have our own well (with newly installed motor) and natural gas to the clubhouse.  Spectrum is the Internet provider.

Do I need to get insurance for my unit?
The outside of the buildings and the shared common property are covered by the COA dues.  You are responsible for everything inside your unit.  You are required to carry a liability policy at minimum.  You can either add to your existing homeowners’ policy (if allowed by policy holder) or take out a new policy. Proof of insurance is due within 30 days of closing.

Do I own the land my garage condo sits on?  Do I have ownership of The CubbyHole Clubhouse?
Your purchase includes a percentage share of the building exterior and common areas including land and buildings. Walk in the unit, shut the door and that’s what you individually own. Unlike some storage condos who charge you long-term leases or rent on the land, there are no long-term lease payments or rental payments on the land your unit sits on!  Also as a garage condo owner, your purchase automatically adds you to the Condo Owner’s Association.  Once the units are sold, the Condo Owner’s Association will own The CubbyHole Clubhouse and common areas.

Will my garage condo have running water or a bathroom?
No.  Since we are not hooked up to the city, the cost was prohibitive to add water and drainage to each separate unit.  There are 2,ADA compliable bathrooms available in The CubbyHole Clubhouse that you will have 24/7 access to.  Also, multiple water spigots will be available throughout the complex for your use.

Can we hold public events in The CubbyHole Clubhouse?
Owners will have access to The CubbyHole Clubhouse 24/7/365!  ‘Public Events’ will not be allowed, but you are welcome to host graduation parties, family gatherings, card parties, Superbowl parties, car club meetings, 4th of July celebrations, etc.  The CubbyHole Clubhouse may only be used by owners. Owner’s families or friends may use The Clubhouse as long as the owner is on the property.  A small fee may be charged for party-type events (e.g. graduation parties or family reunions) due to the extra expenses involved.  Reservations may be made on our website on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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