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Boat and Jet Ski Storage


You and Your Boat Still Have a Place to Hang Out!



Maintaining a boat year-round just got easier and more enjoyable!  Forget trying to protect your beauty with a tarp that keeps getting blown off and ripped up by the wind.  With your garage condo, you get 100% protection year-round.  No direct sunlight, wild temperature swings, rodents, or thieves to worry about. Even better, you now have a covered boat storage space to work on your boat and store accessories like jet skis, trailers, inflatables and other water equipment or crafts. 



Features of The CubbyHole that Directly Benefit Boaters at Heart are:

  • Plenty of room and space for everything you’ll need to work on your boat or just hang out with your vessel!

  • Protection! From the sun, wind, and most importantly, the HAIL!   Wood, canvas, upholstery, electronics, paint, gel coats, and all major boat components, enjoy extended life when kept inside of an insulated, well-sealed storage condo that protects your investments from the damaging elements outside.

  • A community of like-minded people to share your passion and interest




Storage Condo Features Include:

  • 16’ x 17.5’ ceilings (front to back)

  • LED overhead lighting and WIFI Access

  • 220-volt plug-in, 60-amp power, and multiple 110v plug-ins

  • Well-sealed, insulated storage units with finished steel walls and ceiling

  • 12 x 14 insulated overhead door with opener and key pad

  • Pedestrian door for easy access in the large units

  • Add a second-floor mezzanine, to get the most space and use  out of your custom garage condo! Use it to create your perfect man-cave or to store your extra boat parts or personal items. 

  • Security fencing, LED lighting, and outside security cameras                                     (optional inside security cameras).

  • Access to The CubbyHole Clubhouse that offers a convenient location to hold car club meetings, play a card game, or watch the Daytona 500! Our clubhouse Includes a warming kitchen, large screen TV and fireplace, a separate wet bar and ADA restrooms to use while you’re working on your vehicles

  • Convenience: We have the perfect location on the corner of Dell Range and Haunted Road that offers 24/7 access and is within 15 – 20 minutes of anywhere in the city

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